Atlas Model 200-PS

Dimensions 13.7 0.93 18.0 cm (whd); weight about 3 kg.

AC Portable Supply


This compact supply is quite rare and seldom for sale on Internet. It was designed for use with the Atlas 210x and 215x SSB/CW transceivers.

Outside dimensions are 13.7 0.93 18.0 cm and the weight is about 3 kg. Black vinyl covered aluminium cabinet and bottom cover.

Multiple input fuses allow the user to configure the unit for 120 VAC or 240 VAC operation. The front panel has a single pole On-Off switch.

The circuit is identical to the 220-CS AC Console and has two outputs: regulated 13.6 VDC/2 A, and unregulated (12 - 16) VDC/16 A. With full load the unregulated voltage drops to about 13.5 V. An internal fuse protects the 2-Ampere output.

A previous owner has installed an extra 1N4005 diode in series with the 13-Volt zener diode in order to increase the regulated output.