The images are self-descriptive enough, so there is no detailed DIY description. I leave that to everyone's creativity. Most important is the fact that with the antenna installed on the roof good results are achieved on 6 and 4 meters. Furthermore, the SWR on both bands are good, SWR = 1 - 1.2.

50/70 MHz DIPOLE

I have limited room for large antennas, that is why I made a dual band dipole for 6 and 4 meters.

The two dipoles are parallel with a distance of 12 cm and are also fed in parallel (Dutch kattensnor principle = a cat mustache principle).
If you transmit with 50 MHz, the resonant dipole will have a low impedance and the 70 MHz will have a high impedance. This also applies vice versa.

The arraye has been supplemented with choke balun or line insulator made of 10 turns RG58 with an inner diameter of 45 mm.
The hardware for this dipole are 4 × aluminum tube with a diameter of 10 mm, half a cutting board for the Action, a handful of M4 bolts and nuts, a piece of 20 mm square aluminum and a mast bracket.

The total length of the 4 m dipole is 208 cm and the 6 m dipole is 280 cm.
The bends were bent with a handy bending tool from Hornbach, it is not expensive and you can use it for 6/8/10 mm diameter pipes. Two extra spacers have been mounted to prevent the dipoles from touching each other with heavy wind.


Succes en gd DX,
Jack, PE1CUL